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Project Description

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COVER GLASS is a kind of thin flat glass, which is used to cover sample to make observation clearer. Classification by Material, Thickness, dimension & surface treatment. Surface Treatment : Cleaning by degreasing Stick-resistant coating

Main applications:
Histology : Making tissue section and observation Cytology : Cell Culture, Cell smear and observation Biochemical analysis : Urine analysis, etc.
Material : Green Flat Glass, Super white glass
& Borosilicate 3.3 glass
Thickness  : # 1.00, 0.13 – 0.16mm
: # 1.5 , 0.16 – 0.19mm
: #2.0 , 0.13 – 0.16mm

Dimension : 18x18mm, 20x20mm,
22x22mm, 22x32mm, 22x40mm,
22x50mm, 22x60mm,
24x24mm, 24x32mm, 24x40mm,
24x50mm, 24x55mm and 24x60mm.
Packing : 50 pcs/vacuum pack, 100 pcs/vacuum pack 200 pcs/ vacuum pack

1. Super white glass: thickness with Nr. 1.5, Nr. 2.0 optional, adapted to automatic covering or manual
2. Boroslilcate 3.3 glass : Make of pure white, chemical resistant boroslilcate 3.3 glass, thickness with Nr. 1.0, Nr.1.5, Nr.2.0 optional, perfectly suitable for automatic workflow
3. Green soda-lime glass : Made of green soda-lime glass sheet, thickness with Nr. 1.0, Nr 1.5, Nr. 2.0 optional, recommended for economical manual workflow.
4. Made of CSW, thickness 0.4mm, to use with hemacytometer for blood cell counting.
5. Circular cover glass, thickness with Nr. 1.0, NL 1.5, Nr. 2.0 optional, Recommended for manual workflow in cytology / cell culture / urinalysis / microbiology.